How do IVR Phone Systems work?


IVR stands for Interactive Voice Response which are audio prompts used by a cheap voip home phone service system. The technology allows its users to navigate through their phones using buttons instead of having to talk with a person. It provides a list of commands and options when you enter your account number or say the company's name you are calling.

It is also commonly used by call centres, sales representatives and call routing systems in large businesses to help customers get answers to different queries without needing to contact a person. For businesses, locating a phone system is vital to staying connected efficiently. But what exactly are they? In response to the increasing popularity of inbound call routing systems, a brief overview of how IVR phone systems work.

If you have your own business or work in the call centre industry, you are likely familiar with IVR phone systems; they can be found worldwide. So when customers call your company's number and a recorded voice informs them of how to get to the right department or their options for a service request, the chances are that they were talking through an IVR system. Here's how this interactive voice response system supposedly works.

IVR Working –

  • IVR allows callers to send information such as their name, the reason for calling, etc., by pressing numbers on their phone keypad. Once the info is inputted, the system then routes the caller to an available agent or a designated department that handles their inquiry.


  • Because of its popularity, many businesses invest in this technology to resolve customer issues faster and more accurately due to the absence of an actual human voice and physical interaction. It is important because, as you all know, the more hands-on and personal a business is in dealing with customers, the better the chance that both parties will be satisfied.


  • However, what exactly does an ivr setup do? It automatically transfers callers to a busy line or one where there's no answer. Furthermore, it can connect callers to the general office line if they require customer service. It can also provide customized options (about the nature of the call) or generate a menu or even connect callers to an IVR system overseas.


  • All this info is programmed into the system, and anytime a customer dials your company's number, it automatically switches over to that channel. Not many companies like this method because it does not physically interact with customers and assess their needs.


  • Also, because callers are often confused about proceeding with their inquiries, IVR can cause more frustration. It is especially true for those who have never used an IVR. Alternatively, some may also be put off because they don't know how to use it and feel like they're being cheated.

Once you pay attention to the mentioned details, you will automatically get o know about the working of the ivr system. So make sure that you will stay attentive so that you won't face any problem in having a better understanding.